Where does CD metadata come from?

When an audio CD is played using a computer or multi-media player (including some normal CD players), information may be displayed to indicate what is playing. This information can come from one of several different sources, some more reliable than others.


  • Gracenote (as used, for example, when iTunes accesses track names for a CD)
    All new Hyperion CDs are loaded into this database, and we are working with Gracenote to improve the standard of metadata available for older releases. Track data is loaded in this format:
    Clementi: Piano Sonata In B Flat, Op. 9/1 - 3. Rondo: Prestissimo
    and cannot be edited by members of the public. (Please let us know if you spot any major errors; we will do our best to have them fixed.)

  • Windows Media Player
    Unfortunately we are not presently able to load or maintain data used by Windows Media Player.

  • FreeDB
    All new Hyperion CDs are loaded into this database. Data can be manipulated by anyone with suitable software, so we are not able to guarantee or influence the on-going accuracy of this database.

    Almost all newly manufactured Hyperion CDs (new releases and back catalogue) include CD-TEXT which can be read by many computer-based CD players as well as some of the more advanced free-standing players. Data is formatted as illustrated above.

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